Christmas Decorations

Renew Cannelton, Inc. is happy to announce that our Christmas decoration fund raising drive has accomplished its goal and is completed. We want to thank all the businesses and individuals who donated to help complete the purchase of the decorations. We also want to thank the Cannelton Utilities department for hanging them. We hope everyone enjoys the new decorations and that you have a Merry Christmas from Renew Cannelton, Inc.



As you may know, it has been decades since the city, or any group supporting the city, has purchased commercial quality Christmas decorations to hang on the light poles along Highway 66 and Washington Street (Main Street).

The few commercial decorations left from the last purchase have been refurbished as best as could be done and individuals or groups have added standard decorations over the years.  We appreciate the efforts by those individuals and groups to make sure that our city was decorated.  However, those decorations weren’t designed to withstand use over numerous years in the same way as commercial ones.

In keeping with our mission to work to revitalize the city of Cannelton, Renew Cannelton, Inc. has decided to sponsor an annual Historic Cannelton Christmas Decorations Fundraising Campaign. In the first year of the campaign we purchased standard decorations for the lamp posts on Washington Street. In successive years we have fund raised throughout the year in order to purchase commercial ones for the light poles on Highway 66.

As commercial decorations cost hundreds of dollars each, it will probably take a few years before we can decorate all of the light poles along Highway 66 and Washington Street.  The number of decorations we can purchase each year will be determined by the funds generated from our annual Historic Cannelton Christmas Decorations Fundraising Campaign.  This will be an ongoing project for our organization.


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