Gateway Signage Project

In 2013, the city of Cannelton commissioned Triad Associates, Inc., for a Historic Cannelton Downtown Revitalization Plan. One element of the plan called for creating a gateway sign that would give travelers a sense of arrival, and therefore, encourage them to stop and tour Cannelton’s Historic District.

In 2015, Renew Cannelton, Inc. commissioned Greg Harris, a local stone carver, to design and build a three-dimensional gateway sign to draw traffic from State Road 237, which bypasses Cannelton onto State Road 66, travelling through Cannelton.

The Historic Cannelton Gateway Sign now sits on the north side of the intersection of State Roads 237 and 66 at the Bob Cummings Lincoln Trail Bridge, connecting Indiana and Kentucky. The sign is approximately 16’6” in length with towers rising to a height of approximately 18’. It has two towers that replicate the twin towers of the Indiana Cotton Mill (also known as the Cannelton Cotton Mill).  The Indiana Cotton Mill was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1991 and stands in Historic Downtown Cannelton.

Renew Cannelton, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission “to facilitate the revitalization of the city of Cannelton, Indiana, and surrounding area by enhancing the attractiveness of the community and by working to preserve historic sites, buildings, objects and antiquities of significance.” When Renew Cannelton, Inc. decided to construct a gateway sign, it was also decided that the sign would be designed to draw travelers’ attention to the historic significance and architectural beauty of our historic downtown.

Since the inception of the idea for a gateway sign, Renew Cannelton, Inc.  worked behind the scenes to make it happen, by helping to select the location for the sign, commissioning the artisan to design the sign, hiring the engineering firm for the right-of-way permitting process, writing a grant proposal to help with the cost of the sign and raising funds to meet the grant match requirements.  In addition, Renew Cannelton, Inc. served as the fiscal agent for the grant and pledged to continue fundraising until the project was fully funded.  Our organization has garnered much support from citizens, local businesses and other organizations.

The Historic Cannelton Gateway Sign is an architectural symbol of historical significance intended to both beautify the entryway to Cannelton and to entice travelers into the city’s downtown, enhancing Cannelton tourism as well as revenues to business owners whose livelihoods are dependent upon the attractiveness of our quaint little town.

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