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When you shop local, you’re making a personal investment in our neighborhood and our community. Money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers, and farms.

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Eagle’s Bluff Park and Overlook

State Road 66, ,

Eagle's Bluff Park is Perry County Government's largest facility, consisting of 128 acres. Originally known as "The Overlook," this facility was created during the construction of the Cannelton Locks and Dam as a means of observing the construction process. The road through the park also served as the detour for State Road 66 during the construction of the Dam.

Paddle Perry, Inc.

3270 E. State Road 66, ,

Hosting a variety of events from safety classes to river excursions and their annual Pack A Dam Lock, they also partner with local businesses to offer classes like fitness classes, learn to kayak classes, and more!

The Shubael Little Pioneer Village

7590 East State Road 66, ,

The Shubael Little Pioneer Village includes hewn-log vintage homesteads, a blacksmith shop, a carpenter’s shop, The Troy Stone Jail, The Rogier ‘Beehive’ Oven, a mercantile, a smokehouse, a rustic shelter, and The Milestone One-Room School. The setting is reminiscent of the 1850’s, augmented with numerous authentic artifacts. The village is named after Shubael C. Little, a pioneer and first lan ...

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